Rear Axle Whine or Growl

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On the 2006 Hummer H3, rear axle gear whine and/or bearing growl may occur during both drive and coast conditions, and gets louder with higher speeds. This condition usually begins at 300 to 500 miles, and worsens with additional miles.

Remove the axle cover pan and inspect for black discolored fluid. The fluid may show sand particles. Closely inspect the inner diameter of the ring gear for clumps of black sandy residue. This residue is lapping compound that was not sufficiently cleaned from the axle during the manufacturing process.

If these conditions are found, replace the complete axle assembly, because all moving parts of the axle will be affected by the lapping compound residue.

TIP: The lapping compound issue will not be present on vehicles built after August 10, 2005. Rear axle noise conditions on vehicles built after this date should be diagnosed and repaired as needed using procedures found in SI.

Use the part number below or any number that these supersede to. The Broadcast Code, HL1 or HL2 for example, can be found in VIS under Vehicle Component.

- Thanks to Rusty Sampsel


Broadcast Code

Part Number

Standard Axle Assembly

HL1 or FD3


Electronic Locking Axle Assembly

HL2 or FD4


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