Recreational Vehicle and Trailer Towing

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This information applies to the 2007 Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. Details will be covered in an upcoming bulletin. Here are highlights.

Towing with Vehicles without Trailer Provisions (RPO V92)

These vehicles can tow a maximum trailer weight of 2,000 lb. (907 kg).

These vehicles must be modified by installing a new underhood bussed electrical center (UBEC) to provide full functionality for 4 circuits: ground, tail lamps, RH and LH stop/turn lamps.

To find the original part number, remove the UBEC and look at the side of the UBEC.

TIP: This UBEC replacement should be performed only for customers who perform trailer towing.

Towing with Vehicles with Trailer Provisions (RPO V92)

These vehicles can tow a maximum trailer weight of 4,500 lb. (2,041 kg) 
(fig. 17).


It is necessary to modify the wiring harness at the Body Control Module (BCM).

Disconnect the X7 connector from the BCM and remove terminal pin 3 (dark blue wire, 38 circuit). Re-connect the X7 connector.

Splice this wire into the wire at BCM connector X6, pin 2 (light green wire, 24 circuit).

Recreational Vehicle Towing (Dinghy Towing)

Recreational vehicle towing means towing the vehicle behind another vehicle, such as behind a motorhome.

Dinghy towing -- towing the vehicle with all four wheels on the ground

Dolly towing -- towing the vehicle with two wheels on the ground and two wheels on a dolly

TIP: To avoid battery rundown while towing, disconnect the battery before towing. 

Vehicles with a 6-speed automatic transmission that are dinghy towed must be started and run for a minimum of five minutes at the beginning of each day and at each fuel stop.

* Unlimited miles at 65 mph (105 km/h). To avoid vehicle damage, never exceed 65 mph (105 km/h). The repairs would not be covered by the warranty.

IMPORTANT: The owner must observe all procedural steps in the bulletin when dinghy towing.

Before starting, do the following steps:

- Secure to tow vehicle.

- Ignition OFF.

- Set parking brake.

- Ignition to ACCESSORY.

- Shift transmission to NEUTRAL (N).

- Disconnect negative battery cable. Release parking brake.

At destination, do the following steps

- Set parking brake.

- Reconnect negative battery cable.

- Ignition OFF

- Remove key from ignition.

- Thanks to Mark Haning

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