Lane Departure Warning System

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2008 Cadillac DTS and STS and Buick Lucerne may be equipped with a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system.

CAUTION: The LDW does not steer the vehicle and is only an aid to help stay in the driving lane. The LDW may not:

- Provide enough time to avoid a lane change collision.

- Be loud enough to hear the warning beeps.

- Work properly under bad weather conditions or if the windshield is not kept clean.

- Detect lane markings and will not detect road edges.

- Warn that the vehicle is crossing a lane marking if the system does not detect the lane marking.

LDW will indicate the system is working whenever it detects either the left or right lane marking. So if the driver departs on the side of the lane that LDW is not detecting, LDW will not give warning.

If vehicle position is not carefully maintained within the lane, vehicle damage, injury, or death could occur. Even with LDW, the driver must always keep attention on the road and maintain proper vehicle position within the lane. Always keep the windshield clean and do not use LDW in bad weather conditions.

When a detected lane marking is crossed, the LDW symbol (fig. 13) will flash and three beeps will sound. LDW will not warn if the turn signal is on or if the driver makes a sharp maneuver. Before making a lane change, the driver must check the vehicle's mirrors, glance over their shoulder for vehicles and hazards, and start the turn signal before changing lanes.


How the System Works

LDW uses a camera located between the inside rearview mirror and the windshield to detect the lane markings.

To turn LDW on and off, press the LDW control located by the exterior headlamp control. An indicator on the control lights to indicate that LDW is on.

When the vehicle is started, the LDW symbol, located in the instrument panel cluster, briefly comes on to indicate that the light is operational.

LDW operates only at speeds of 35 mph (56 km) or greater. If LDW is turned on when traveling at these speeds, the LDW symbol will appear green if the system detects a left or right lane marking. The symbol will change to amber and flash and three beeps will sound if a detected lane marking is crossed without using the turn signal.

If the LDW symbol does not appear, LDW is not currently operating and will not provide warning.

The volume of the warning chime can be adjusted using DIC Vehicle Customization.

When the System Does Not Seem To Work Properly

The LDW symbol will not appear when the system is having difficulty seeing the lines on the road or if the view of the camera on the windshield is blocked with mud, dirt, snow, ice, or slush, if the windshield is damaged, or when weather limits visibility, such as while driving in fog, rain, or snow conditions. This is normal operation. The vehicle does not need service. LDW warnings may occasionally occur due to tar marks, shadows, cracks in the road, or other road imperfections. This is normal system operation. The vehicle does not need service.

LDW Messages in DIC

SERVICE LANE DEPARTURE SYSTEM: This message may appear in the DIC to indicate that LDW is not working properly. If this message remains on after continued driving, the system needs service..

LANE DEPARTURE SYSTEM UNAVAILABLE: This message may appear in the DIC if LDW does not activate due to a temporary condition.

- Thanks to Chris Graham

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