Seat Belt Lock-Up

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Some owners of an Acadia, Outlook or Enclave may comment that the front row seat belts lock-up at unexpected times. The lock-up may happen in the fully retracted position or in other positions. At times the belts may seem not to unlock even after multiple attempts.

The seat belt retractor has an inertial locking mechanism that is activated if the belt webbing is pulled out rapidly, as happens during a sudden stop. This mechanism will also lock the retractor in the event of a sudden stop when the belt is retracting. For example, if the belt is pulled out and snapped back on the occupant's chest, it may lock or if the retractor snaps quickly back to the fully retracted position, it may also lock.

Instead of replacing the parts, explain the cause of the lock-ups to the customer. Lock-ups can be avoided by controlling the speed at which the seat belts are allowed to retract. Explain that there are multiple ways to release the locking mechanism, including firmly pulling the seat belt webbing out and then releasing it again, lowering the seat belt shoulder height adjuster, and moving the seat front-back adjustment toward the back.

- Thanks to Gary McAdam

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