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Owners of a 2006-09 DTS, Lucerne; 2007-09 Escalade, SRX, Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, OUTLOOK; 2008-09 Enclave, CTS; or 2009 Traverse may comment on a Park Assist Off message displayed in the DIC. When this message is displayed, the park assist module stores a failure reason in the disable history data, and the park assist system will not function.

The disable history data can be read using the Tech 2 under Body/Park Assist Module/Data Display/History Data.

The Park Assist Off message typically refers to a soft failure, which does NOT require a component replacement.

TIP: Do not confuse the Park Assist Off message with the Service Park Assist message. In most cases, there are no DTCs associated with the Park Assist Off message. However, there will be DTCs with the Service Park Assist message.

Using the Tech 2, build the vehicle and then select Body/Park Assist Module/Data Display/History Data. Record the seven Disable History readings. The reason at the top of the list (no. 1) is the most recent reason for the Park Assist Off message. For readings other than Sensor Ring Time, refer to Parking Assist System Malfunction in SI.

If the most recent reason is Sensor Ring Time, one the following may be causing the condition:

·       Ice on the sensor face caused by a recent car washing in cold weather

·       Mud, ice, or snow covering the sensor

·       Improperly installed or crooked sensor

·       Silicone isolator ring surrounding sensor missing, cut, and/or twisted

·       Sensor scratched or paint chipped

·       Excessive paint thickness on sensor after sensor replacement

·       Aftermarket bumpers

·       Trailer hitches

After determining the condition causing the Sensor Ring Time issue, the vehicle may need to be driven to remove the Park Assist Off message in the DIC. First clear the History Data and then drive the vehicle above 15 mph (24 km/h).

TIP: To clear the History Data values for testing, select Clear History Data located on the Tech 2 under Body/Park Assist Module/Special Functions/Clear History Data.


- Thanks to Jim Will

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