Tech2Win Application Puts the Tech 2 on Your Computer

Tech2Win, an application version of the Tech 2 and CANdi (Control Area Network diagnostic interface) module, will be available soon for GM dealerships. 

Tech2Win can be loaded onto a service department Techline PC or notebook computer via TIS2Web. (Fig. 8) While not a replacement for the Tech 2, it's a new resource that provides additional convenience and diagnostic capability for the service department.

Fig. 8

When using the Tech2Win application, vehicle communication is performed using the Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI). It enables technicians to take advantage of the computing power of their PC or notebook computer as well as the speed of the MDI, providing faster operation than a Tech 2 with a CANdi module. By loading the application on a PC that also has GDS 2 installed, technicians can have all diagnostic tools available quickly and easily on one computer.

In addition, loaded on a notebook computer, Tech2Win can be used during a vehicle road test, offering a larger screen with all of the Tech 2 tool functionality. It also supports touch screen functionality. If the computer with the Tech2Win application has a touch screen, all Tech2Win functions can be accessed via the touch screen.

Tech2Win Features

The Tech2Win application offers all of the features and functions of the Tech 2. Tech2Win:
  • Is used for diagnostics only. Service programming is still performed through TIS2Web SPS.
  • Includes the same vehicle coverage as the Tech 2. GDS 2 still must be used when servicing Global A vehicles (Camaro, Equinox, Cruze, Volt, LaCrosse, Regal, Terrain and SRX).
  • Requires a license that must be updated every 30 days, similar to the license renewal of GDS 2.
  • Requires PC and notebook computer specifications that meet or exceed the current minimum Techline hardware specifications. Review the latest specifications and guidelines at (In Canada, the IT guidelines are in the Service Library under Tools, Processes and Equipment on Global Connect.)

Access for All

The Tech2Win application does not require any special access or other tools or software. When selecting the Tech 2 software download on TIS2Web, a prompt will ask if you want to install Tech2Win. It can be installed on multiple PCs in the dealership. There is no limit to the number of installations, but each PC requires the monthly license update through TIS2Web.

After installing the Tech2Win application, a software download also will be required to download the diagnostic software for the desired vehicle coverage, including GM North America, Saab, and Saturn ASTRA. (Fig. 9)

Fig. 9

The initial rollout of the Tech2Win application begins this month. A complete rollout to all GM dealerships will take place in June. Look for more details about installation and operation of Tech2Win in TechLink next month as well as in the May Emerging Issues seminar on (U.S. only).

- Thanks to Mike Waszczenko


i just bought a laptop for work to use for gds and it is a 64 bit system(i did not know the specs)i tried loading this but i am told it will not load on a 64 bit system only i have to change operating systems or will it be available for the 64 bit system

All GM Techline applications work with Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit with the exception of Tech2Win. Tech2Win will not function with Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit until early Fall. Once Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit is approved for use, a communication will be distributed to the GM dealership service community as well as appear in TechLink. To verify if the PC meets the dealership guidelines, contact Techline Customer Support at 1-800-828-6860.

Hello, I am a Automotive Technology Instructor at Wallace Comm College in Dothan, Al. I have been a GM tech for 25 plus years and would like to know what software can the school purchase for our lap top scanners? We are no longer a T-Ten program. We have multiple GM dealer within the area and since I came from GM, I push our students toward GM vehicles and dealerships.


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ASE Instructor
Wallace Community College
1141 Wallace Dr.
Dothan, Al 36303

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