Parallel Hybrid Truck Battery Testing and Charging

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When using the Midtronics GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station or Midtronics MT410 or MT411 battery testers on the Panasonic AGM batteries found in the 2004-2007 Silverado and Sierra Parallel Hybrid Trucks (PHT) (RPO HP2), it is very important to know the diagnostic tool model being used and to use the EL-42000-30 battery test adapters during testing as well as during the charging procedure.


Battery Terminals


The threaded terminal studs on the Panasonic battery are stainless steel and do not conduct electricity very well. Their purpose is to hold the battery ring terminal face tight against the conductive lead at the bottom of the stud, using a nut to make a tight connection.  


Attaching the Midtronics battery tester clamps directly to the stainless steel terminal studs will result in a path that adds significant resistance in series with the battery under test, which the tester will consider to be a high resistance battery. As a result, the tester may indicate a "false fail" and a low CCA rating for a good battery. Screwing on the lead adapters (EL-42000-30) provides a low resistance path directly to the lead terminal in the top of the battery.


CCA Ratings


When using the Midtronics MT410 battery tester, or the MT411 battery tester and newer models (XL500, etc.), be sure to input the correct CCA ratings. The ratings are different for each tester. If the correct settings are not used it may lead to misdiagnosis and unneeded part replacement.


Refer to the Service Information (SI) and #PIT5107 for additional information about using the appropriate battery tester, the correct CCA ratings, and the battery charging and testing procedure.


Charging and Testing


TIP: If testing results for each battery differ by more than 0.3 volts, isolate and charge the batteries individually using the Midtronics GR8, the J-42634 Battery Module Charger or an equivalent. Finish charging using the Service Charge procedure as listed in SI Document ID: 1462080. If the Service Charge procedure needs to be performed, it may be necessary to reset the Battery Total Amp Hours using the Tech 2.


During the testing and charging procedure, if the batteries are close to full SOC % (State of Charge), the GR8 may want to charge each of the batteries. ("Diagnostic Mode" followed by a "Top Off Mode" should leave the battery in a fully charged state and ready to install in the vehicle when completed.) The Midtronics GR8 is fully automatic when used in Diagnostic Mode and may briefly exceed the 12 AMP rates in the SI charging table. The Voltage output should not exceed 15 Volts. The Charging Program will run for a predetermined time calculated by the GR8.


- Thanks to Brian Ciaverella

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